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What is Black Friday?
Black Friday is an American tradition that we have adopted here in Europe. Since 2015, the day has been the biggest shopping day in the US. In the year 2015, there were approx. 141 million people shopped on Black Friday. They spent a total of more than DKK 57 billion. dollars. Black Friday was originally an event that only existed in physical stores, but today it has become a big shopping day, both in the physical stores, but also on webshops.
Why is it called Black Friday?
The name Black Friday comes from the fact that in the old days profits were recorded in black ink and losses in red ink. The day was created so that the stores of the time could write the profit in their log books in black ink, hence Black. The day fell on this Friday, when in the US you get half the day off, after Thanksgiving. Therefore, consumers had time to come out to the shops and shop for good offers. That is why this day was dubbed Black Friday.
When does Black Friday start?
Black Friday starts on Friday 25/11 at 00:00:01 and ends again at 23:59:59 same day, 25/11 . In some places, Black Friday continues until Sunday 27/11 at 23:59:59 but it differs from company to company. Black Friday is typically followed by Cyber ​​Monday, which lands on the following Monday. The good offers usually continue here, the prices may be reduced further depending on which store it is about. Some places will also run a Cyber ​​Week, where there are good deals in the week after Black Friday.
What does Black Friday mean?
In the US, Black Friday is characterized by the fact that it is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is an American concept, but in 2013 the Danish stores started to adopt it. Therefore, Black Friday in Denmark falls at the same time as in the USA. It has taken a few years for Black Friday to become a real event here in Denmark, which has also been influenced by the fact that the prices have not been lowered to the same extent as you are used to seeing in the USA. Now, however, the Danish businesses are starting to join the wave, and we can quietly count on Black Friday to be a shopping day worth keeping an eye on.